Learning support

Learning support in the Foundation Phase

Learning support is an intervention strategy designed for learners who have been identified and require additional support in either Home Language and/or Mathematics. These learners come either individually or in groups of four once a week. Learners work at their respective academic levels which are below their grade level. All learning outcomes are achieved through fun and interactive activities.

Intermediate Phase Learning Support

Some children in the Intermediate Phase may be identified as requiring additional Learning Support Lessons.
Learners who require additional care and help with consolidating learning areas have the privilege of reviewing concepts in both Mathematics and English.
Activities in English include flashcards in reading, word-building, phonics and language exercises. Mathematics is being aided with concrete apparatus, chanting bonds and tables and mathematic concepts pertaining to each grade.
Learners enjoy attending Learning Support as they are all gaining something from the experience.

The Pinnacle Computer Centre

The pinnacle computer centre caters for a maximum of 20 learners at a time.

The learners spend up to 1 hour a week focusing on various computer literacy skills such as power point, creating and saving word documents, typing exercises and many more….

Learners are allowed to access the internet for educational purposes only. They are rewarded with “game time” which consists of English and Mathematical activities.

The lab has special joysticks to accommodate learners with physical disabilities in order for everyone to enjoy the Pinnacle computer centre.


The Multigrade class is a special class for learners who can not keep up with the accademic pace of the rest of Vista Nova.

Our class is smaller than the other classes and we have an assistant assigned to the class. The curriculum is not as academic and is adapted for each learner. We have a practical program which includes art, cooking, gardening and woodwork. We run the school’s recycling.

Outings are viewed as an excellent place for learning practical life skills and socializing. We go on two outings per term and have even gone Saturday hiking trips.