A variety of volunteers are welcomed at Vista Nova.

Many are introduced to us through specialist “volunteering” companies who manage all the paperwork. Some southern African volunteers have visited at Vista Nova as well.

  • We do not accept Psychology volunteers or Internships.
  • To ensure child safety, volunteers are strictly supervised and regulated and must be prepared to obtain police clearance.
  • The School offers no form of remuneration.
  • All applications must be made in writing.
  • If the volunteer is from a specific institution, the application must be written on official company letterhead and should be signed and stamped by a senior representative from the company/institution.
  • If the volunteer is not from a specific institution, there should be at least two contactable referees.
  • All applicants must furnish the following information:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Date of birth
    • Copy of ID or Passport
    • Proof of qualifications
    • Proposed length of stay
    • Contactable referee

Selection will be done in consultation between the Principal and the two Deputy Principals. The relevant Head of Department might be included, where necessary.

The Principal will inform the SGB if a volunteer is selected.

The volunteer, or the institution representing the volunteer, will be informed in writing.

The volunteer will be furnished with the Conditions of Acceptance.


The minimum volunteering period will be 8 school weeks.

This period may be shortened at the discretion of the Principal.

No accommodation on the premises will be offered.

The volunteer will be expected to comply with the same school hours as Class Assistants (08h00 – 14h40).

The volunteer will, on arrival, sign a contract of Confidentiality.

The volunteer will be accountable to the Deputy Principal on the campus where he/she is based.



Public interested in volunteering or completing internships at Vista Nova should contact the Deputy Principal of the relevant campus.

High School:  deputy.hs@vistanova.co.za

Primary School: deputy.ps@vistanova.co.za